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Sign the Guest Book to immortalize your comments on this website.  The entries of prior visitors appear below.
Looking forward to hearing your discussion with Nan and the performance of "Opening Remarks" on March 9th. I am a volunteer with the Michigan Philharmonic.
Mary Ann MacLaren - Plymouth, MI - February 27, 2014
I was privileged to witness the world premiere of your piano concerto with the Peninsula Symphony this evening. It is a stunning achievement, certain to become a staple in the concerto repertoire.
Russell Hancock - Palo Alto, CA - May 18, 2013
I heard Lee Actor's First Symphony a couple of days ago on YouTube - for the first time in my life. I immediately liked his musical world, in which tradition and new inventions are very cleverly combined. I run a music website (http://mesdomaines.nu/music) and put the Symphony on it.
Arie Molendijk - The Netherlands - February 27, 2013
Dear Mr. Actor, As a member of the Auburn Symphony, I would like to thank you very much for the glorious Violin Concerto. It was a surreal experience to accompany Ms. Pip Clarke as she played this fantastic work. You are now one of my favorite composers and I am anxious to collect all the CDs of your music. I hope that your career will be long and fruitful and I have the pleasure of playing your passionate and rhythmically exciting music again!
Catherine Palmer - Folsom, CA - March 19, 2012
The Albuquerque Philharmonic thoroughly enjoyed performing Dance Rhapsody, and our audience responded enthusiastically. What a great piece!
Wendy Cieslak - Albuquerque, NM - December 26, 2011
The concerto for horn was great, as was the rhapsody. I enjoyed both very much. But what truly impresses is how far you can take the limited sound and memory of a 16-bit game and create a great soundtrack. I'm talking of course about Pit Fighter!
Vicken - Houston, TX - September 10, 2011
Very nice to meet you at Skaneateles Festival and enjoy the world premiere of your tribute to festival founders.  Divertimento is definitely an amusement to be enjoyed.  Thanks!
Jack & Katherine Boyce - Skaneateles, NY - August 14, 2011
Dear Mr. Lee: I listened to his orchestral works, are wonderful.  Congratulations!  Best wishes.
Giulio Genovese, Music Composer - Torino, Italy - June 1, 2011
Hello M. Lee.  I felt in love with the horn concert.  I would like to purchase the concert but with piano accompaniment, do you have edition of this concert for piano?  I would like somebody to let me know, thank you.
Oseas Cartagena - Guatemala, Guatemala - December 8, 2010
I truly enjoyed preparing and performing the Horn Concerto.  I have gotten rave reviews from the audience.  Thanks for a terrific addition to the horn repertoire!
Charles Gavin - Nacogdoches, TX - April 27, 2010
Thank you for writing a horn concerto that evokes the hunt!  Nice horn calls.  Bravo.
J. Rich - Los Angeles, CA - March 30, 2010
Hello Mr. Actor.  I was just listening to your violin concerto, which was directed by Kirk Trevor with Pip Clarke playing violin.  The slow section is so beautiful. I like the use of the whole tone scale.  You are a very talented composer.
Archibald Simms - Bahamas - June 30, 2009
We are playing [Prelude to a Tragedy] at All-State with Andrew Levin.  It is beautiful very cinematic but extremely hard to play for the violins.  I don't think we will be able finish it. But gorgeous anyways.  Bravo.
Clay - Summerville, South Carolina - February 27, 2009
You should have this on iTunes!  I loved listening to Prelude to a Tragedy!  And I'm a 15 year old girl who loves Rock and Roll!
Nikki - South Carolina - December 31, 2008
I've really enjoyed listening to your excerpts on this website.  Your Violin Concerto sounds truly wonderful, and I love the Meditation especially.  Your style of composition is most refreshing and endearing.
Peter Farnbank, violinist, composer, Chartered Psychologist - Blackpool, England - October 11, 2008
Thank you for writing such a memorable and fun piccolo part.  I am proud to have been part of the premiere of your phenomenal Second Symphony on February 24th, 2007!  Bravo!
Natalie Haworth-Liu, Piccoloist, Palo Alto Philharmonic - San Jose, CA - February 27, 2007
Hello, I'm a good friend of Phyllis Miller and she talks about you all the time.  It is great to "see" who Phyllis is talking about.  Mazel Tov.
Bernard S. Schneider - Houston, TX - February 16, 2007
Congratulations on another ASCAP award!  A well deserved honor!
Ellery Actor - RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom - October 23, 2006
I liked your subtle, beautiful and well composed music.  And a very good idea to offer an excerpt of the score.  Congratulations.
Jean-Pierre Nouvel, French composer - France - August 30, 2006
Thank you for your violin concerto!
Carlos Damas, violinist - Lisboa, Portugal - June 14, 2006
Best of all, it's easy to listen to your excellent music.  You're among a small handful of the finest composers I know.
Bobby - Chicago, IL - December 9, 2005
Lee, this site is a wonderful introduction to your music!  I'm a big fan of 'Prelude to a Tragedy' and 'Redwood Fanfare.'  You are a skilled composer with a unique voice. Best wishes for continued success.
Dave Sartor - Nashville, TN - November 9, 2005
Impressed about your work!!  Go on like this!  Best wishes from The Netherlands.
Jan van den Brandt - The Netherlands - September 25, 2005
I liked your music very much, and wanted to sign in to show my support.
Ron Wasserman - New City, NY - August 4, 2005
Lee, I am absolutely impressed with the scope and range of your talent as a composer.  Your web site is an additional testimonial to your skill and creativity.  And to think, you used to be "just the guy next door".
John Zipp - Saratoga, CA - April 14, 2005
Wow Lee.  What a wonderful web site.  It has many aspects that mine doesn't and you have given me some great ideas.  I love this guestbook idea so friends can visit and say hello.  You already know how much I like your music but it's nice to have instant access to it via your new web page.  Congratulations and welcome to the web.
Nancy Bloomer Deussen - Palo Alto, CA - April 11, 2005
Congratulations, Lee.  It is a pleasure to peruse your website and to listen to your music.  Both are clear, accessible and worthy of multiple visits and hearings.  Best wishes on continued success in all your endeavors.
Adrienne Albert - Pacific Palisades, CA - April 5, 2005
Lee, excellent website--clean, uncluttered, easy to navigate.  What a thrill it is to listen to your music.  Your many talents are amazing, and now you add to it orchestral composer and conductor!  Congratulations.
Carol Collins - Monte Sereno, CA - March 26, 2005
I'm very proud of you, Lee.  Great website!
Karen Yadgar - Castle Pines, CO - March 22, 2005
Like you, the new website is elegantly unpretentious, highly functional, and full of substance going well beyond expectation... Very well done!
Roger Hector - San Jose, CA - March 21, 2005
Terrific web-site!  Perfect on-line home for a terrific composer!  Nice music clips -- makes me wish I currently conducted an orchestra so that we could perform your music.  I do hope many other orchestra-list subscribers check out your web-site and are as captivated with your music as I am -- it definitely deserves many performances.  Great work, both on your compositions and on your web-site!
David H. Bailey - Nashua, NH - March 21, 2005
Lee, get busy and write that sequel to the "Prelude to a Tragedy"!  You may borrow -- free of charge -- any of the following titles:

'Aftermath of a Tragedy'
'PostMortem of a Catastrophe'
'Ooi, Dodged that bullet'

Good luck and win a Pulitzer.
Rich Ruby - Menlo Park, CA - March 20, 2005
Excellent site, Lee -- beautifully structured and organized but the true delight is to sample-access your music so easily and in so doing, to discover your very well-developed, intelligent and eminently listenable musical style.  Good thing Palo Alto isn't all that far away - I'm now eager to make the drive and hear more in person the next time your work is programmed!  Congratulations on your new accessibility; I'm very jealous!
Les Marsden - Mariposa (Yosemite) CA - March 20, 2005
Nice website Mr. Actor.
Dennis Koble - Nevada City, CA - March 18, 2005
This new website of yours is admirable.  The design is clean and logical, the links swift and sensible.  Best of all, it's easy to listen to your excellent music.  You're among a small handful of the finest composers I know.  Your personality and the music you write are well-matched - both have depth and are a true pleasure to be around.  All best wishes!
Karen Amrhein - Baltimore, MD - March 18, 2005
Very neat website!  How far in to composing your next piece are you?
Ellery Actor - Brandon, Suffolk County, United Kingdom - March 18, 2005
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